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Features of best gravel bike for tour

Are you thinking about your next adventure in the mountains but need the best gravel bike for tour to enjoy it to the fullest? In Altos Cycling we tell you the characteristics your bike must have to be the best gravel bike for tour. Definitely, this article will interest you. 

What should the suspension be like?

The suspension is responsible for absorbing all types of shocks or impacts and vibrations that we experience when we are traveling over uneven terrain.

In the case of a gravel bike, the suspension must be designed to absorb vibrations in the terrain we ride, which in most cases turns out to be uneven, but at the same time, the suspension must not compromise the efficiency of the bike on firmer terrain.

What should I consider for tires?

The tires of a mountain bike must be wide to achieve a higher level of traction when you ride over uneven terrain. On the other hand, they must also be resistant and durable, because only in this way will they withstand the harsh conditions to which they will be exposed when you use them on your trips. Keep in mind that the tires must be able to keep up with the pace of your trips on the road as well as on roads and trails.


What is the best choice for the best gravel bike for tour brakes?

Without a doubt, the best alternative for your bicycle brakes is mechanical or semi-mechanical disc brakes, which offer high braking capacity in any type of weather conditions.

What is the picture and what should it look like?

When we talk about the bicycle frame, we are referring to the structure of the same one. It is here where all the elements that make up the bicycle, such as the gears, saddle, and brakes, among others, come together.

This element is designed to be strong and durable to provide the safety you need for your travels. The most common materials that the best gravel bike for tour frame is made of are aluminum, steel, and carbon fiber.

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The above are some of the most important characteristics that a good gravel bike should have. Do you want to know the characteristics of Altos Cycling bicycles?, contact us and we will give you all the information.

At Altos Cycling we firmly believe in the need to preserve the safety of all cyclists, that is why we always look for the best quality in our bicycles.

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