Biking tour: Enjoy a perfect adventure with Altos

A Biking tour is a unique experience for cycling lovers and those passionate about discovering places and collecting moments on two wheels, that is why in Altos Cycling we tell you a little about this experience and what are its advantages.

¿What is a Biking tour?

A bicycle tour is an excursion through different places and landscapes of a certain region or country. In this type of tours, participants can experience the nature and culture of that place in a unique and different way, while riding on roads, highways and trails.


A biking tour is designed to suit different skill levels depending on each person and their biking abilities, these tours are geared for beginners to experts.


¿How long does a biking tour last?

This type of tour is a minimum of three days and two nights and can be customized according to the interests and likes of each person. During these excursions, you can visit historical sites, towns, and parks and taste the local food and beverages of the region.

In Colombia, cycling tours are very popular because it is a country with a wide variety of landscapes and natural trails, such as the coffee region and the snow-capped mountains.

Advantages of a biking tour

Among the main advantages of a cycling tour in Colombia we can highlight:


  • Physical activity: When you go on a bicycle tour, you are doing physical activity in a fun way, which allows you to keep fit and improve your health.
  • Explore nature: These tours take you to places that are not normally easily accessible by car, allowing you to enjoy nature and landscapes much more.
  • Flexibility: Bike tours can be adapted according to the skills and abilities of each person and can also be customized according to their likes and needs.
  • Social interaction: You can meet people with the same passion for bike adventures, which can expand your social circle.
  • Safety: In Altos Cycling we have all the safety elements, such as helmets and high-quality bicycles to live unique and safe experiences on two wheels.

Book your Biking Tour with Altos Cycling and live a unique

If you are looking for a unique adventure in Colombia, our Biking Tour is the perfect option for you. In Altos Cycling we offer a wide variety of tours through different areas of the country, in which you will find from the most beautiful landscapes to the most interesting places.


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