Biosafety PROTOCOLS



For ALTOS Cycling it is very important to have biosafety protocols that
guarantee the protection of both our clients and our staff.
This is why we have the following directions for our trips.

General recommendations

  • The use of a face mask is mandatory at all times that we are not riding a bicycle.
  • All the places that we will visit are open spaces in which we must try to maintain a distance of 2 meters with the other members of the travel group.
  • All the hotels that we will visit are duly approved and monitored by the superintendency of industry and commerce and by the local health secretariats. Therefore, they have all the required biosafety and sanitation protocols.


  • The ALTOS Cycling team is committed to conducting COVID-19 tests before each trip with clients.
  • We ask all members of the trip to refrain from traveling if they have symptoms of COVID-19.
  • All our vehicles and staff will have all the materials to carry out disinfection and hand washing and protective materials such as gloves and face masks.

During land transport

  • Vehicle windows will be kept open during transfers to improve fresh air circulation.
  • There will be a capacity of 70% of the capacity of the vehicles to avoid crowds.
  • The use of face masks is mandatory during transfers.
  • Vehicles will be disinfected every day in the morning.

During the bike stages

  • We ask our cyclists to avoid contact with people outside the travel group.
  • When you want to stop and interact with people from restaurants or places on the road, please do so by wearing a mask.
  • Take extra care during assemblies to reduce the risk of mechanical failure or falls.
  • Pay more attention to the safety recommendations of our guides.
  • We recommend avoiding the maximum proximity of less than 2 meters and with physical contact with other cyclists during the tours.

Roadside assistance

  • Before each stage, the hydration and nutrition necessary for each cyclist will be separated into individual compartments to avoid greater contact with food during the day.
  • The feeding and hydration assistance will be carried out on the ground; Several points will be arranged during the tour for cyclists to stop and take what is necessary to
    continue with the tour.
  • We will try to keep contact with bicycles or cyclists’ clothing to a minimum, however, if contact is necessary, our staff will disinfect themselves before and after contact.


  • We encourage cyclists to only use their own cycling accessories (Helmet, Gloves, Shoes, bicycle, etc.)
  • It is necessary for each member of the team to bring a basic stripping kit for individual use.
  • After each stage our mechanical team will disinfect and clean all the bikes in the group.